Saturday, November 10, 2007


I write this from casa Vipond in the dirty 'Shwa. Things did not quite go well today in the first of the ouble header weekend. Wicked course, pumped to race, last line call up with poor Nick Vipond. But no worries, its all for fun. Decent start considering, basically went a little shy until the first corner when some douche cut me off. Then elbows came out Belgian styles. Fought good and hard up into the top 10 or 15 apparently. Second lap, my bb completely seized in my frame. Just after the pits. Ran halfway around the course back to the pits. Changed for Nick's spare, discovered his seat height is a solid 2 inches higher than mine, rode 2 laps on this gigantor SRAM bike until my back cried out no more. Pitted again to get the seat lowered. Got lapped during this, and then pulled. 3 laps to go. Unimpressed with my day, I hit the beer tent to watch the rest. Either way, thats cross racing. No worries. Getting to the time of the season where I think I need to pull the plug on racing soon. Get back focused for next season. One more race to go, the one I am still not looking forward to. Gotta run up that bloody ski hill again. Its gonna hurt and suck. But I'm ready. Kinda wish I brought my mullet wig. My current "moulet" is just not big enough. Time to eat. Sandy out.

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