Tuesday, November 20, 2007

winter, she approaches

Some good quality mile lately. 3 hours Monday morning before class, sunny and cold. Then the rain clouds blew in just as I finished. Nice. Cold, but quite nice in the sun if dressed warmly enough (which I was). Went out in the evening and picked up my new SRM. I'm pumped to install this sucker. I finally own this fine piece of German engineering. Now there is just one thing to complete my training library, Power Cranks. I wanna try these suckers out. Looks like a painful time. But hell, no pain, no gain. Snuck out between classes today for a rainy, windy and somewhat chilly 3 hours. Due to the rain, I decided to ride the fixie. I did briefly consider the trainer, but then realized that I would much rather get a little wet than ride in a basement for 3 hours. There will be plenty of that to come. Might as well make use of the little remaining road time. Fun though, fixed gear with some decent wind (head wind for the first hour and change), and plenty of hill. Did I mention how sketch it was descending and climbing the steep grades of the Westport hill? Freaky and hard to control the leg speed on the decent (glad I at least had a front brake to scrub speed) and hard as nails climbing the other side back out of town with some very steep grades and only a single, fixed gear. Grinded it out and felt pretty good. Missed the good weather today apparently though, sun blew in towards the last bit of my ride and is still holding out now. No worries, warm and dry now though. Hopefully another long day tomorrow with 5 or so hours. Considering making the trip into town as well to install the new SRM, but gotta work out my time to get 5 hours ride time in and then the extra driving (lame). Either way, got the iPod charging back up for the ride. I think some laundry is crying my name, and perhaps some more tea. Hope everyone else is still taking advantage of this weather and not pulling a Keir. aka riding the trainer.

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