Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Wednesday update

My internet situation around here blows. Forgot about that. Got pretty accustomed to good, high speed out in Perth. Come back to Ottawa, no internet, drivers are tools, and as a general rule I hate most of the people around here. Not you all, you're mostly ok. Just the rest of this town. Good couple of training days, 3 hours on the rollers yesterday, 3.5 hours today followed by a pretty wicked skate ski session at Mooney's Bay. Straight up anger on the way home with traffic's lack of movement. Realizing that I kind of miss cooking my own dinners. If I can find time, I may have to start cooking some dinners around here. We'll see. I still promise some Christmas pictures to come, just need to get access to some decent and dependable internet. We'll see. Christmas is approaching. And I need to get on that.

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