Monday, December 17, 2007

I feel a white christmas

Seriously? 37cm of snow? This is ridiculous. Cyclery party was its usual self. No disappointment there. Vipond may be regretting the couple extra martinis he consumed. No one seems quite certain how he got to that point, but big up to Tomsic who partook in the cab ride home to carry big Nick to bed. Poor Jenny. Still somewhat fuzzy on the details of how or when I got home. Woke up about half undressed about 1 or 2 in the aft. Managed to both not lose my camera and even take 139 pictures. Wow. Though, after looking through them, I don't think I had the camera in my possession for the duration of the evening. Maybe Brian's $100 a bottle "sipping" tequila had something to do with that. Overall. An excellent evening/night/morning and a complete write off of Sunday. Did manage to sober up and suit up for my first hockey of the season at a well attended (me and 5 others) game. Operation snow removal is in full swing here. Was trying to bust out for a ski with Keir this aft, but after an inspection of the snow situation, I rode the rollers for a solid 4 hours. Basically, my car parks on a lane way. The snow plows have now passed the main streets, which means that these gigantor snowbanks along the roads are blocking my car in at either end of the lane way. Seriously tough to get a Civic (even with winter tyres) over a 5 foot tall embankment of snow. So, more shoveling. Nice easy evening ahead I hope, generally martini and Bailey's free.

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