Monday, January 14, 2008

chillaxin like a top sporter

Back in class today. Mondays aren't bad for me though, 2 classes, but done by 1pm. So I have the rest of the aft to ride or do whatever. Obviously, I rode. Surprised? I thought not. Did swing by the ol' Home Hardware though first. Picked myself up a nice man hammer, and some suspenders to support the added weight to my tool belt (22oz. of man sized whacking power). Plus, I think I look classy in suspenders. Four hours on the trainer flew by after that. Watched some wicked action from the 2007 Giro, Saunier has been rocking out while Andy Schleck has been the "revelation". Thanks Phil and Paul. Though I did learn an interesting tidbit, in Eddy Merckx's first Tour de France (1969?) he won every classification in the race. Aka, he won the sprint jersey, the kom jersey, the young rider jersey and of course the overall. Now that is a winner. Done my saddle time by 6:30, nice shower and some leftover baked salmon and vino. Now, I sit, relaxing with my warm clothes and tuque preparing to get rolling on some reading and recovery. Pretty topsporter I think. Maybe a little tidy up of my living quarters too. Things are getting a little out of control. Almost mid January, hope everyone's training is underway for the season! Just think, a little over a month until I head south and the season really starts to get underway. The time is now for gains that will make the difference in the season. Its exciting. And yes, I'm a dork. But I'm ok with that. Deal with it.
In other news, the Giro D'Italia (for sure my Grand Tour) is bringing back an ancient tradition this year, la Maglia Nera. Basically, a prize for lanterne Rouge, or the last placed rider. It was last given as a prize in the '57 edition of the Giro with Giovanni Pinarello "winning" (founder of Trevisio based Pinarello bikes. Sometimes there is something to say for simply finishing while working for your team. At that time, there was a even a black jersey handed out to the poor soul in last, and it could get hotly contested. Now, it will simply be marked by a black number plate with white numbers on the riders jersey. I for one can't wait to see Phil and Paul commentate on the battle for la Maglia Nera. Wicked. There is the lesson for the day. Never quit. Put your head down and go. Even last place is better than giving up.


Keir said...

that may be for sure your grand tour...but that is also for sure your jersey

JAC said...

I thought I was the only crazy fella out riding last week, then I came across your site!

hehe! Friggen amazing riding last week!

hey, if you folks ever want to give winter dirt road riding a try
or email

I'm usually up there every weekend spinning away (work from 45km loop through to a 120km loop nearing March). Friggen fantastic it is!