Monday, January 28, 2008

minus 2 weeks

Its true. Less than 2 weeks until bike dork camp. Just the little extra motivation I need this time of the year to complete my 4 hour trainer ride. I figure, the more I end up hating the trainer by the time I get south, the more I will enjoy and appreciate the riding outside to come. Thats my logic and I'm sticking to it. Aside from sweating all over my floor today, I also attended class. Nothing spectacular really. To spice up today's entry, I will review my cinematic choice for the day: Rambo 4.
To sum it up: Bang. Bang. Grunt. Dude's head explodes. If you, while deciding to watch this movie, have any intentions of:
a) following a storyline/ and or plot line...
b) intend to listen to dialogue (I will not count Sylvester's grunts and spitting as dialogue)
c) really don't want to see an aging action star hose Burmese soldiers with a large machine gun and bow & arrow...
have ever promised yourself (probably after watching one of the previous 3 Rambo movies) "I will never again watch a movie written, directed and stared in by Sylvester Stallone...."
This movie is probably not for you. Though, it did make for some fine trainer viewing. I did almost pee myself the first time old man Stallone opened fire with his bow and arrow. Taking down the majority of an army division in about 5 minutes. Luckily, Rambo doesn't actually talk much. This would have most likely ruined the movie. Instead he sticks with my personal favourite of: odd grimaces and grunts, and the occasional loogie. I say well done sir.
To make up for having watched this gem, I watched Across the Universe last night. Pretty bloody cool for a quasi musical film. Next up, the DSJ pick of the week: Peaceful Warrior. Hey, I've got time on my hands.

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