Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Nothing much happening

It's how I roll. I can smell the fun from here.

First lap. This helps sum up why I love cross.

This photo compliments of Vicki/Jenny. Did I mention I dislike running?

Connor, you learn well grasshopper. This is cross to me.

Basically nothing. Plenty of school work the last couple days. No ride on Monday. More work today, but hopefully a after class ride this afternoon. Gotta do groceries too. Out of most fresh fruits and veggies plus a bunch of staples. Last of the eggs, no milk... Couple of hours on the bike should do me good though, melt away the worries of these last few day's projects. Clear the head and get back to business. Gotta get the form ready for the Madison Cyclo-Cross World Championship. Me and Coney will be wupping all comers, in some ridiculously Euro kits. Just wait. Rumours of World Champ jerseys being made for the podium are in the air. Separate news, fall is here. For sure one of the best times of the year to ride. Cool, crisp air, and the knowledge that soon you'll be riding the trainer. Found a few pictures courtesy of zoomphoto.ca and hopefully we'll have some more wicked ones courtesy of my buddy Brendan the photographer. I'm sure he'll have some good ones, perhaps someone can alert me when he drops them off at the Cyclery... Steve?? Nick??

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