Thursday, October 4, 2007


School, ok. The roads I rode on today, knockout. Perfect day. Hit the road right after class in the sun. Wicked that is such nice riding weather in October now by the way. Found myself a general route plan via the wonder of google map, loaded my pockets with some cookies and figured i had 3 hours to ride before dark. Good plan, figured I could do this ride in 3 hours. Might be tight. And it was. Seriously, some of the best roads I have ridden in a long time. Brand new pavement, quiet, rolling and curvy roads all the way. I flew. Rolled along, happy as can be, soaking in the sun and the surroundings down to Westport, found the wicked climbs/descents into and out of Westport (some serious grades on these suckers) and rolled along back into Perth. Main difference, distinct lack of sun for the last 25 minutes or so. Little surprised, but to be fair, I fully was starting to get worried in Westport already when I saw how low the sun was. No matter, got a little chilly, I just picked up the pace for a bit and rolled home after 3 glorious hours. Now settled in, clean and full (salmon, couscou and veggies) its game time. Obviously had to watch The Office first, but now Sens vs. Leafs. 2-0 Sens right now too, wicked. I'm liking living with 2 Leafs fans. It's almost too easy. Especially after the OT win last night. More class tomorrow, or perhaps a ride?... haha. Then home for some turkey and other fun. Cyclo-cross Madison World Championships at Britania Park in Ottawa on Sunday, time for me and Coney to win that rainbow jersey and some burgers from Team Vipond. I should mention that Vipond translates loosely into "losing team vs. Sandy". Little know fact. I suggest anyone looking for a good morning, come down to the park and watch some wicked cross action. Back to the game, but enjoy the weather and weekend.

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