Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Attention: Due to increased cycling activity in the area, Sandy may not be available for comment. Thank you.

So it is fully cold out. 4 hours out riding in the prime of warmth, and I was still bundled up. Crisp, chilly, the kind of weather where you need to eat those extra calories to stave off the deep empty stomach feeling. Luckily I discovered a wicked sweet cinnamon bun shop on my route that allowed me to add in those extra calories to my nutella sandwiches. Pretty windy out too. I think I need to put on some winter fat soon. Even the local cows are developing some thicker coverings. Could be a tough mission. I think I'll try to make a good attempt at the Gonq Halloween pub night tonight. I mean: cheep beer, and half price nachos & wings. This combination should allow me to add some pounds. Yes, I realize it will not work. Not sure of plans the rest of the week, nice long ride day tomorrow. Class and riding Thursday and Friday. Back to Ottawa Friday. Fellow Echelon brother Geoff will be back in Ottawa visiting me and maybe his girl friend. So ideally some beers with him Friday. Maybe some riding with him too. All in all, should be quality times. I wonder if I could move these quality times to a warmer climate like any clear thinking cyclist should. Where is my winter training local? Jan goes to Africa, Shawn goes to Australia, hell - I'd settle for a few months in Mallorca! Now accepting donations in the form of money and/or plane tickets. We thank you for your contributions towards a Sandy-free winter.

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