Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Sandy is back online. Good weekend with not too much riding. I did however tame and ride a wild horse. His name is Arthur and he is roughly the size of an elephant. He thinks I'm the apple man as I greeted him with apples. Spent a good deal of time working on a bleeding architecture essay. Needless to say, I can write an essay. I churn them out like textiles from china. Gonna read it over today to see if it actually makes sense. Apparently this counts for 20% of my final grade. Luckily I have a few large projects going on currently. So needless to say, this may not be a great week "riding" wise. Back into O-dot tonight. Gotta see the Doc again for the asthma check up tomorrow, and maybe I can find some work to makes some cash monies. Otherwise I will be riding my bike slash hanging out at the Cyclery. For now, I should probably make an attempt to make it to drafting on time, as I believe I have a mid-term exam now. This does not help with my "happiness is priority" lifestyle, as exams don't make me happy. But passing my courses kinda does. I think I want to start using more random cliche sayings here on the blog. Make you scratch your heads and think more. For now, its too early in the morning. And I have to go write a test. Like fish in a barrel.

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