Friday, October 19, 2007

Morning rant

So here I sit, back at home as English for Morons got called early. Again. Not that I'm complaining. We ran out of time after getting our "email" assignment explained to us (we have to email the teacher, she will reply, and then we reply back). Nothing complicated like attachments or forwarding. And I get graded on this. Oh, we also went through a slideshow presentation on "how email works". I kid you not, this was the title on the first slide. I was pretty close to getting up and leaving. But, in an attempt to improve attendance, we now have grammar quizzes at the end (actually at the middle, cause we always get let out early) which count for nothing but attendance marks. I circle random answers and "practice" my grammar skillz, and then receive a mark for attending the class. Fun stuff. We even got assigned our next assignment, due in a few weeks: oral presentation. Ten minutes in front of the class, on ANY topic we chose. Apparently I can cook in front of the class, one dude wants to give someone a tattoo... I'm going to do a secret scientific study to gain extra marks on my quiz. It stated (true or false): "Listening takes more energy than a running race". I answered false. I was wrong. I tried to argue, she is stubborn. Luckily I am more stubborn, thanks to my mother for the genetics. Basically I intend to bring my heart rate monitor to the next few classes, and wear it for my next few rides and compare average heart rate and calories burned. She will rue the day the docked me that mark! Plus it will make me attend the class. I think I'll make a slideshow with graphs for extra irony.
On a side note, if anyone hasn't heard this tune yet checks it out. I heard a while ago on CBC Radio 3, and found it.
Have a good weekend. And if you are in school. I'm sorry for you having to read about what I did in school while you undoubtedly stress over something real. Like algebra. If it makes you feel better, at least your course stimulates you. I got shop for that. And homemade science fair projects. Stay tuned for the results of Listening vs. Cycling: An Energy Comparison.

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Mr. RWP said...

oh my! That is the funniest thing ever!! Report back on your research! HAHAHA