Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Long weekend

Wicked weekend. Though it appear that sun and warmth is gone. Real fall has made its return. Kinda enjoying it so far though oddly enough. Wicked Sunday ride, up for a morning loop with Keir, Erik, and Thomas, then a sweet ol' bike path cruise until Keir felt guilty about missing his homework. So continue on along to the coffee shop to re-gain feeling in my extremities (cool riding through light rain/fog, except when you realize how poor your circulation is in my hands and feet). Home, ended up re-drywalling my room (?) and then back out to Perth. Plenty of relaxing, some wicked times, and of course the usual riding. Now 3 days of class (nothing tomorrow!) before back home again. I have a tough life right now. On the other hand, I need groceries. I really am low. Back out to the shop between classes, maybe a stop at the bakery too....

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