Sunday, October 7, 2007

World co-ed cyclocross madision champion

Me and Sarah Coney just finished crushing all comers in the first ever (non-UCI sanctioned) World co-ed cyclocross madision championships. Sarah even had world champ shirts made with our names on them. We of course lived up to the hype, crushing the Viponds in the process. All I know is that I cruised the bike paths in my world champs shirt and will fully be wearing it for thanksgiving dinner tonight too. Thanks to Nick and Catherine for trying and then buying me lunch after as my spoils. Good times were had. Other that that, nice simple weekend. Little bit of a rush right now, though did stop by the Landsdown farmer's market on my way home from the coffee shop, bought some wicked homemade hot sauce from a crazy Jamaican dude. Vancouver hot sauce, extra hot. Wicked good. Luckily I didn't have much cash, or I would have went home with a lot more than plenty of free samples. I'll be back though. Happy turkey festivus to all!

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