Sunday, October 28, 2007

Weekend done.

Not much to report. Got out for a few nice easy rides on the cross bike. Moved some more furniture and appliances. Found myself a new project to occupy me for the next while, and have decided its business time. Time to start ramping up the miles for next season. Originally planned on carting the trainer up here, but forgot. So I'll not be riding quite as much as hoped. But will be making that extra effort to get off facebook and the stupid internet in general and go ride. So, think I'll make the most of this last "relaxed" evening for a while and watch a movie. To answer a question straight out that I seem to be asked quite often lately: yes, I will be back cross'in it up soon. Thinking maybe this weekend. Not sure if I really want to drive to Kingston/Quebec provincials yet though. I'll do some pondering. But yes, Sandy will be back. And with some new smoking hot argyle socks. Just wait. These suckers are classy AND tall. Decision time comes dawning soon, hopefully be able to provide you folks with more details on that soon. But I gotta figure out whether Belgium will work ($$$ wise) for me next season, or if Sandy will be rocking it out back here in Canada and the US. Hopefully some other travel too... For now, no worries. I have Spiderman 3 on my computer, and intend to enjoy it.

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