Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Fall weather and rain

Quite chilly in this old stone house this morning. And continues to be, as none of us actually even know where the thermostat is. Needless to say, I sit around in my finest of sweats and merino wool attire. Sipping tea and eating toast actually right now. I realize this makes me seem somewhat old, but; a) I like tea & b) I just bought some really fresh raisin bread from the bakery on the way home from class. I love fresh bread. No more cellophane wrapped, mass produced bread for me. I'm done with it. No ride today. Not only due to the miserable weather (I'm fine with that once I get rolling) but this was actually an earlier made decision. Long ride tomorrow though. No matter what. Turkey dinner tonight. Apparently our family cooked a turkey the size of a bloody hippo, so I will now be living off turkey and pumpkin pie for the week. On a related note, groceries were finally done today as well. Down to Foodsmith's for some produce and a few other staples. And of course some more beans and potatoes to go with my turkey feasts! Trying out a few of their store made bulk musellis too. Gonna mix a lot together and see how it goes. I'm also going to try baking cookies this week, maybe even tonight, for ride food. I finished off an incredible bag of them yesterday (baked fresh by a wonderful particular person) and am now in cookie withdrawal. I feel I will need them if this weather continues for my ride tomorrow. Really not feeling more than 1 Powerbar (or similar bar) for any ride of any length. I think I passed my yearly quota. Luckily I now have fresh bread (add nutella) and some more fruit. So I should survive this catastrophe. Kinda pumped actually to not have school tomorrow again. I like this 1 day on, several off thing. I may have to talk to the Gonk about implementing a 1 on 2 off system for the whole year. Assignments are starting to be given out again (and returned) so looks like I may be back in the homework boat again. Unfortunate. For now, I want more raisin bread so, adieu.

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