Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The guinea pig goes extreme

Made the trek into Ottawa yesterday for today's doc appointment to check in on my asthma issues. Finished watching "The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou" on Friday night with Sarah. What an awesome movie, been a while since I watched it. I fully suggest it to any and all of you wankers. So good that I even grabbed a copy of the soundtrack today between ride and doc's. Pretty awesome cool soundtrack. Perfect length to listen to on the way back to Perth too. Managed to even sleep in this morning, first time in god knows how long. Stayed comfy in bed until like 9:30! Got up for the paper, some breakie, and of course a nice strong Bialetti and then the ride. Decided to take cue from St-John and head out for an extreme cross adventure. Stopped by the shop on the way for some bars and friendly conversation. Been sporting this neck scarf thing too for the last while too, seems to help with the asthma coughing and keeps my neck warm and sickness free. Anyways, hit the bike paths up all the way to the park and into it until I found my first trails. Hit up 5, 25, 15 up to Kingsmere, cut up to trail 1 (up Penguin) and rode out to the Mckinstry Fire tower and then turned around and went home. Somewhere between 4-5 hours (closer to 5 methinks) of rocky, slippery, rolling, jungle cross. Wicked time. Beautiful day in the end too. Plenty of sun. On the other hand, apparently my single 42 tooth front ring is not ideal for climbing, but I'll call it a "muscle tension" or "power" workout. Got home with a bit to spare before heading to see doc, so headed out for a little shopping: got some swanky argyle socks, a sweet scarf (more everyday than cycling scarf) and the aformentioned soundtrack. Plus the latest CycleSport mag I've been craving soooo bad. Got to the doc's and have now been made into the office pet project, or guinea pig as my mother calls it. Basically he wants to help me get to an "even field" asthma wise, which I'm down with, so has put me on this "pilot project" where for the next month and through the winter I will record my lung capacities a lot and record them on this cool online journal which will then make me fancy graphs. Other than graphs, this little German lung capacity thingy he gave me, will allow me to measure lung capacity before and after rides and in different conditions to better allow him to prescribe me the best medicine. Pretty cool I'd say. At very least should be fun for me. Now, a few more classes before back home for another rockin weekend. I think some tea and CycleSport is in order. Maybe some Life Aquatic muzak....

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