Wednesday, October 3, 2007

work day

No ride today in the end. Normally a long ride day in the week with no school, but got the call from Kiwi - needed some assistance on a bathroom reno. More involved in the cleanup. But got to spend a good portion of the day driving around in a big truck/van thing wearing my work boots and generally feeling like one of the manly dudes you see in beer and/or truck commercials. Pilled my truck full of heavy stuff, drank some beers and then performed feats of strength while driving my truck off road. Just replace beer with McDonald's (Kiwi's lunch of choice) and replace off-road with the dump. Kinda off road? Got home, and then removed pieces of my house with a crow bar for my mom. Again, man stuff. Destruction of property. Feeling pretty full of testosterone, so headed off to Yoga after. Good stuff, really realized just how inflexible my body is. Managed to fall asleep in the "final relaxation" exercise too. Oops. Too much man time. Just managed to get home in time to catch overtime of the Sens game too, we won. Suckle that Toronto fans. For now, time to sleep and prepare for more man stuff tomorrow, cause I got shop class for 3 hours. Gonna build something. Maybe my box. Sandy and power tools. That should scare you. At least I haven't been to the hospital yet like several of my fellow carpenters. Wagwam

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