Sunday, October 14, 2007

Relaxin in the fall

Sums up my weekend pretty well. No rides. No worries, mostly was not at home (avoiding the work waiting there). For sure one of the best weekends in a while. Back Friday night, made sushi with Sarah and watched the Wallace and Gromit movie, hilarious. Worked Saturday, then out to Barrymore's to see some pretty sweet shows and enjoy a few beers. Clarke came out, good to see him again before he jumps his flight to Aus soon. Planned on getting up Sunday morning to head out to Almonte to at least watch the cross race. But received a better offer of stay in bed and head out for breakfast at the more reasonable hour of 10. Sure beat the idea of walking home at 6am and getting on my bike. Hung out in a laundromat, more fun than it sounds, reading th paper and drinking coffee and some general people watching. Home, put to work cleaning out the basement. Dinner and now back in Perth. Stuff to do this week: start riding again, find myself a dress shirt (Sandy may be going formal next weekend) and attend class. Easy enough. We'll see how it goes. Enjoy your week. Perhaps I can update with some more exciting news as it comes. Speaking of riding actually, I need some rollers. This lack of sunlight thing is not helping my training efforts. Anyone out there in internet land got some they want to let go of cheep?

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Keir said...

harden the f**k up