Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I'm a winner

Pub night last night for the carpenters. Cheep beer, nachos and wings. Put those carpenters to shame with the amount of food I consumed compared to the rest of them. Plus scored a bunch of raffle tickets, and won. A lot. I had 7 tickets, 4 of which won. A few others won too, but I cleaned house. Books, gift certificates, candy and this wicked little wooden hand carved box. Luckily for me, cause I was on a roll (both in winnings and beer consumption) the bar closed at 12. Got up this morning to a wicked fall day. Seriously like 14 degrees and sunny out. Windy, but super nice. So I rode to Kingston. 6.5 hours, 150 something kilometers, and one seriously wicked day. Stopped in at the Cinnamon bun place for an icing covered goodie and a doppio espresso. Got home a little late (dusk) but pretty happy with the day. Apparently its almost deer hunting season too. Asked my country boy roommate, and I can see the deer are starting to get cocky around here. Not sure if they're mocking the geese and ducks (its open season on those suckers) or just teasing all the local hunters. Either way, I've decided that they are actually evil geniuses. Either way, in about 2 weeks I should be seeing a lot less of them, if they are smart they will get back to hiding, if dumb they will be strapped to some large man's pickup truck. Crazy prancing wannabe reindeer. I fully almost hit one too. Pranced right across the road in front of me. Back to class to tomorrow and then back to Ottawa Friday. Wicked. I think my salmon is done. And time to hide from trick or treaters cause we didn't by any candy...

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