Friday, October 26, 2007


Not a bad day yesterday overall. Though I still find myself in not the greatest mood. Snuck out for a few hours in some glorious fall weather on the bike yesterday between classes. Learned to set up scaffolding. Generally a write off as a day, nothing really cool to report. Scaffolding is cool, but Darren would let us test out the pulley system by hoisting me up. Made us use some inanimate block of concrete. Woke up this morning to some serious fog. Like can't see my car parked in front of the house from my second story window thick. Cool. Back to town today, Neil and Anna's 2nd annual Halloween partay tonight. I think I've slacked on the costume front wayyyy to long and am now screwed. Work Saturday, and Fortune on Sunday. Really upset about my mood being kinda bummed out. I like happy Sandy. Hopefully shop class will allow me to vent anything by hitting stuff with a hammer and operating some heavy machinery. I have also decided that I really don't care that much about Halloween, some people love getting costumed up, some love candy. I can't say I'm that huge a fan of either really. Maybe thats what this is about. Posts may again be somewhat irregular for the weekend. Perhaps I'll see some of you this weekend. Otherwise, don't do anything Sandy wouldn't do. Or if you do, let me know and invite me along. I like new things.

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