Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Car battery died. Forked over some cash monies to Canadian Tire for a new one. Ouch. Plus, this cut into my ride time for the day. Burn. Still got 3.5 hours in. Felt pretty good, and the weather was pretty good for mid October. Started out really nice, but then the clouds rolled in and brought some wind. But hey, I had a vest and some gloves so no worries. Weather is looking somewhat iffy for the next few days. Luckily I've had some decent training to date this week so won't feel terrible about missing a day. I'm even going to go so far as to start my homework tonight. Well before most of it is due. Keep in mind I will try. No guaranties. But to be fair, my weekend is filling up quickly with much more entertaining options than homework. Plus I don't want to be screwed by a bunch of homework all at once. Important question wise, what for dinner? I know I want some tea, but I gotta start cooking soon. I think I'm feeling meatloaf. Maybe with some scalloped potatoes. I feel some stretching tonight too. Weekend is almost here...

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