Thursday, October 11, 2007


Thats my plan. Wheels are not only in motion, but they are rolling. Coming soon. Coffee. From me (slash Coutt's Coffee Company of Perth) fresh roasted, organic, fair trade coffee. Get ready for the unveiling, and look for it at a bike race near you. Basically, had a good meeting today with the owner (who is a wicked cool guy) and just need to finish off ironing out the final details, but he is quite excited to sell to us. And by us I mean me and the bidniss partner, Keir. Let me know what kind of coffee people like (medium, dark, espresso) in the comments section. Cause I'll be pushing this stuff on you soon, and let me tell you. It's delicious. Hope to be up and running about the end of the month. More details to come, plus some snazzy logo action.
On a separate note, this weather blows. Cold, rainy and generally miserable weather. That combined with the fact that my day has gotten rather busy with business meetings, has now meant that I will not be riding outside today. And not inside, because I have not brought a trainer up. I'm thinking yoga could be fun tonight....