Monday, October 15, 2007

class cancellations and an impromtu sprint work out

Math was canceled. Glorious day. Yet at the same time unfortunate, as out of 7 weeks of school we have now had 3 classes (out of a possible 7) and of those 3, we only accomplished anything in 1 (the other 2 involved us talking and waiting for our workbooks to be shipped to the school). Needless to say, although fun to miss math, we are ridiculously behind and most likely screwed when it comes time for a test or something like say, an exam. I predict for class next week, we will be again handed out 7 bagillion pages of worksheets and told to work on them and learn. This works in theory, until you don't understand how to do something and it can not be explained. Pretty sure, with this kind of ammo there is no way the school can fail me though. Other wise a tame day. Haircut and some other errands in the morning. Had to get the now overgrown Euro-mullet trimmed up to go with the suit for the weekend. Few groceries to be done tomorrow now, and I should be set for the week. On the plus side got out for a nice 3.5 hours on the bike instead of math. Cruised the sweet roads until after dusk (woops). Some good climbs, and the aforementioned impromptu sprint workout. The dog caught me by surprise the first time, but the second time I saw him so slipped up into the 53x11 and played match sprint with him. Wanker. Pedaled along a-la track match sprint, and waited for Lassie to make his move and then gunned it. In his defense, he lasted much longer than I expected, but got wupped none the less. Robbie Mac races horses, I out gun large dogs. What. Got a little carried away trying to make the ride go 3.5 hours instead of the planned 3, and got caught out a little. But made it home fine. May have found some rollers, though if anyone local has any there are wanting to get rid of; let me know!, which will be nice. Be able to keep riding past 6:30 and still technically not be riding the "trainer". Easy way to add on an extra hour or so to my later day rides and not freeze in the rain on other days. None the less, always nice to end a day with a nice ride. Time to get used to starting some days with a ride too I suppose. Even got a check in the mail today for my bursary from school. How they got this address, I will never know. On the other hand, though I have this check burning a hole in my pocket, I do believe it is supposed to go to my mother as it is to pay for school. Unless she is reading this and feeling generous. Thats a hint. I'll give you until the weekend to claim it mom.

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