Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Late breaking news flash

Sandy in action sequence. Notice how the more I run, the less I smile.

I like this one. Flying re-mount. Didn't even break a top tube.
ps - white booties are SO the way to go.

Thought I'd share some pictures and a link showing how important I am. And by important I mean road by the correct dude with a camera. I feel I deserved it though. Just scroll down. My name is there. Also seen running up the right side on the one titled 'double barriers'. This is where I catch and crush Keir (in red). Sorry buddy. Other images shown thanks to Joel and his dad. Check their website at VeloCicloFoto. Follow the link to Cyclo-cross.
Ontario Cycling Association: Newsletter
ps- I made cookies, and they are good. The ride will be good tomorrow now. According the the weather predictions, should be Belgian. Wicked.

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