Tuesday, October 16, 2007

wing night

Tuesday night is wing night at O'Reilly's here in Perth. Cheep wings, good beer and live music. Needless to say, I have participated and attempted to improve my social status from "that guy who rides his bike." Other wise, good day in life. Managed to get 3 hours riding in plus some grocery shopping in. So it was a productive day. Day of tomorrow. Gotta check the car (it was giving me some worries today) to see if I will a) be doing a real nice long ride, or, b) heading into Ottawa to get the car checked out and a shorter ride. Here's hoping for a good clean start for the ol' Civic tomorrow! Really looking forward to the weekend today. Even with the mid-week day off, it seems to just make me crave the real weekend that much more. None the less, I'm off to bed cause its late and my roommates bought me a few beers. Gotta sleep that off pre long ride tomorrow.

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LukeS said...

haha, i love how you're known as the guy who rides his bike. classy.