Thursday, October 18, 2007

More class cancellations and therefore more ride time

Sandy's Week Totals For the week:
Class time - 8 hours (plus 5 more tomorrow)
Ride time - 14 hours
Needless to say, I am quite content with my week. Yet somehow still looking forward to the weekend so much. 1 more day of "class". And by class I mean English as an 12th language and shop. Tough, I know. But no time for a ride. Apparently my instructor from math, who also happens to be my Safety teacher, has not shown up all week to school. Hence my lack of attendance today in safety. Hence anyone's attendance. So instead got home at the lovely hour of 11am and proceed to have the coffee and breakfast I slept through in the morning before shop. I knew it was a little bright out when I woke up... Got some laundry done, ironed a shirt. Yes, I am fully domesticated now. Then, you guessed it - hit the road. Saddled up and decided to try out a new route. So rode to Calabogie and back. First stretch is a little busy traffic wise, but the middle 4 hours of the ride was wicked. Flat to Lanark, gentle rollers, steep rollers and finally some long rollers. Turn around and do it all over again in reverse home. Couple of serious pitches, but mostly nice steady gradients. Couple of climbs more than a km in length too. Felt good to do a few extended climbs. Quick stop to restock the ride food supplies and water and that was it. 5 hours and 130 some odd kms later, its dinner. Leftover scalloped potatoes and meat loaf. Time for some relaxation now followed by a very sound sleep I feel. Back to Ottawa tomorrow. No race this weekend. Heading up to the areal park at Fortune instead. Should be a good weekend. Posting may vary.
Good luck to those racing cross Nat's this weekend. Try for some repeats and perhaps a few new jerseys.

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