Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Who new you could tear gatorskin?

Fun ride today. Belgian ride basically. Little rain, quiet roads. Long. Nice 5 hours in the saddle, nice crisp air. More exploring of the wondrous roads around Westport. Flatted my tyre after about 2 hours. Actually sliced a big gash across the top of the rubber (not through the Vectran) but also sliced the sidewall, straight through the Vectran. Woops. Didn't even realize it until after I pumped up the new tube and saw it bulging out the sidewall. Pulled a Macguyver and used a sharp rock and my teeth to cut out a section of the old tube and boot the tyre. Pumped her back up, not too much pressure, and continued along. Thought about heading home early, but decided to screw it and keep going on my exploration. Just skipped over the gravel roads for today. 130km anyways, probably 90 of which on this booted tyre. Quick shower and an omelette then hit the road to pick up a new mini fridge for my room from some family in Richmond. Back to school tomorrow though. No more riding all day, at least until the weekend. Movie time with some more turkey now.

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