Sunday, September 30, 2007

race day dawns again

Perfect cross weather. Overcast and about 8 degree temperatures we're what we had on the ride to the site. Got a little warmer for the race, but only a few degrees. Long sleeve skin suit weather for sure. Went in pumped to ride/race and mostly have fun. Cross fro me this season is about having fun. No worries, no stress, no pressure. Just go out and ride. Possible make a fool of myself when ever possible and generally encourage people to have fun with it.
Either way, got up nice and early for my Belgian breakfast, crepes with brown sugar and fresh homemade jam (strawberry rhubarb!) and a nice big Bialetti. Threw on my many layers for the chilly cruise to the race (about 45 minute ride along the river at a nice relaxed pace) and headed out the door to meet up with Vipond, Keir and Ryan. Made the mandatory double espresso stop in Westburo, and then cruised on down to register. Apparently there are 200+ people registered this season for the whole season. And most of them were out to enjoy this perfect cross day and dry conditions. Massive field and slightly sketch start. Got a good spot, only to be cut off by my own teammate (not going to name names, but his name starts with S and ends with hawn Clarke, some other dude ate it hard on the other side of me (basically face planted himself into the grass) but I managed to overcome and move up quickly to a decent spot. the top 4 boys quickly gapped the rest of the field and in terms of racing for the win I was out of it. So instead I contented myself with riding a god hard tempo on my own and generally making a fool of myself yelling comments to spectators and mostly smiling like a tool. Wicked. Had to put in a good hard effort on the last lap with Nash coming up hard behind me and Boudreau just ahead. Ended up opening a bigger gap on Nash and closing in on Boudreau, but thats how she rolls. Generally had a wicked time, and there should soon be many a comical picture of me littered around the net. I'll try to post some as I find them. Ended the aft with a nice cruise in the Gats with Viper, Steve-O and the wonderful fan extrodinaire Jenny. Oh, and thanks to Jenny for the post race coke. Nice chill ride, oh wait. Not that slow. A "few" folks seem to feel like pushing the pace from time to time. Again, no names. They know who they are. Got home, showered, moved too much furniture, cooked dinner for the folks and then hit the road. Here we are, back in Perth, still procrastinating on this homework thing. I'm good at this. I work best under pressure I think. Or I'm just shortsighted. But thats my tale. Plus a top 10 finish should be in order. Next up, more cross and more long rides. 'Cause thats how I roll.

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