Monday, September 3, 2007

down time... and maybe a little training

First weekend in a while with no racing. No worries. Opted out of Green Mountain, felt I earned a cottage weekend plus I really wasn't that excited about having to climb for longer than a couple of minutes. Belgium is not well know for its long alpine ascents. Actually went into the shop to make some money Friday and Saturday, then up to the Bourn's cottage. Wasn't quite as relaxing as planned, but I knew they would put me to work eventually. Did some forestry work (clearing out some dead trees with Brian's rented chainsaw) and a bathroom reno. On the other hand, got in some good rides on tt bike - really actually starting to feel comfortable on it, and of course the usual water sport activities that have left my cyclist upper body quite stiff and useless today. Some how "learned" to wakeboard too. I am by no means proficient, but I did get up. And then fall down and ingest a large portion of the Ottawa river up my nose. Some good bbqs, plenty of wine and beer flowed freely at night and many a card game was had. I feel refreshed. Which is good, cause I both have to move and attend school tomorrow. I also have a new goal for the short term. I will win the Espoir tt championships coming up. I want a sweet Provincial champ jersey to hang. Plus the team needs a win, and Clarke needs a very solid wupping. Might as well wup the rest of them too. Should be a busy week for Sandy, but I'll try to keep you all posted. I think I need some beer to help with this packing stuff. That might make it better.

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