Thursday, August 30, 2007

School stuff and riding

Had a fun time at the loop ride on Tuesday. Good to see so many familiar faces again. Legs were not quite there, as expected. But had some fun anyways. Drove out to Perth on Wednesday for a orientation thing for school. Spent a few hundred bucks on books, got my student id, and took full advantage of the free food. Got home, rode the tt bike up to the Bourn's cottage. Super hot out, and unfortunately got a little caught out by the wicked thunder storms. Riding along, looked around and realized just how black the sky was, then the lightning started, then the wind. Serious wind too. From all over, even got out of the aero bars cause it was getting a little sketch. Then the rain hit, real hard. Soaked me completely in about 10 seconds. Luckily I was only about 15 minutes from the cottage, and most drivers seemed too scared to drive in these conditions. Had a nice evening relaxing at the cottage, then rode home this morning. Again, caught in some rain. But thought ahead and went Belgian. Brought a rain cape even though it was sunny when I started. Today gotta try to figure out some math and buy many tools. Yes, the tools sound much more fun to me too. Relaxing weekend of training and hanging out at the cottage should be good. And then classes start Tuesday for me. Gotta move too. Lame. Next step in the day: coffee and some pants. Ciao

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