Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Apparently Holland is also windy

Wicked ride today, legs felt nice and fresh after the day off. Got the word that 4 hours was the thing to do. Went a little longer as I just felt so good and lost track of time. Kept the pace easy, the cadence high as I spun out to the coast (Knokke-Heist) and then continued north along the coast of the North Sea up into Holland. Hard to actually tell when I made it in, kind of like going between provinces back home. No real "border", just some signs. But I was on a bike path along the coast, so I didn't even realize it until I noticed the local bars were advertising Palm instead of Jupiler as the local cheep brand. Checked a map to confirm, and then set out exploring a bit. Wicked wind all day, especially on the way home coming off the sea. But the weather held out with sunny patches even coming through from time to time. Even managed to find some new Power Tap batteries on the way home so that I can use the stupid thing again! Life is good. Got home, showered, ate, and then watched the finale of today's stage of the Tour of Deutshland. Jens Voight is seriously THE man. Dropped all the climbers including little Damiano Cunego on the final climb to finish second on the stage. That man can suffer. I will try to picture his suffering face during the race on Thursday to keep me going and racing. I think my new racing mantra or moto will be, "what would Jens do?". Kind of enjoying the craziness of the house right now with people packing and leaving, mostly cause I am not. I can simply ride, relax, and avoid that stress and hassle for the next little bit.
Also, for the last couple of days, I have actually been looking forward to riding my time trial bike and racing a tt when I get home. This is quite odd for me, as I hate time trials. Could be worse cravings.

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