Sunday, August 5, 2007

Race day

Race day has dawned again, though the sun will be in the other side of the sky by the time we are racing. Evening Kermis in Knesselare, 5pm start time. Word. Unfortunately my body still doesn't feel a full 100% yet. Probably around 80%, so I will at least ride over and see how my legs feel in the race. This worries me a little bit. But at the same time, I've had 3 days off the bike and feel that perhaps a good ride and then a good sleep after may be what I need. Time to put out some pain on these Belgian pansies.
Decided in the end after a day of napping and relaxing, that I would be best to squeeze out a bit of a ride. Did a nice easy hour, just spin the legs right before dinner. Hot days in Belgium lately too. Didn't even need leg warmers... like 30 something out all day. Been pretty hot in the house. I even wore shorts! Today will be spent more relaxing to get ready to race. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is take it easy. My body says easy, my brain says hard. Luckily I have become fairly adapt at ignoring that part of my body. Especially hard to simply not ride when good weather finally comes here. Here's to riding...

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