Saturday, August 18, 2007

shenanigans , tom-foolery, and cattywompus

Pannakoken time! Jim is excited. Peter, mildly confused.

Vince, more top-sporter than excited.

Meet Scott Wenzel, new owner of blue steel. Ladies watch out.

Football match. Go Brugges!

Things got dangerous with this game. Tensions ran high.

Wicked day in Belgium. Especially for a day involving no biking, whatsoever. For a day that was originally looking a little bland and full of nothing, it certainly turned out pretty flippin' good. Started off normal enough, a little breakfast and internet. But then stuff, went further into the cool zone. House cleaning. Thats right, thats just how crazy we roll around here. Oh wait, cool started next with a massive pannakoken cook off and team brunch. Everyone brought some pancake related supplies and master chef Peter whipped it together on a massive assembly line. We had banana, chocolate, and pineapple kiwi pancakes. Topped off with a massive spread of fruits, jams, honey, syrop... Needless to say, it was wicked good. Little clean up, quick shower then boarded a bus with Jim into Brugges. Weather wasn't top notch, but things were looking good. Jim showed me what is without a doubt the best coffee shop in Belgium. Wicked cool kinda gypsy place... Incredible coffee. You order a coffee, and they give you a spread (ice cream, pudding, whipped cream...). You even get like 12 kinds of sugar for your coffee. De Medici. Remember the name. Plus then we met a nice lady from Hertberge at the bus stop who recognized us and gave us a ride home from Oostkamp in her car. Had a cool conversation, as she wanted to practice her English and learn about Canada and the US.
After this afternoon, back home to prepare for... the football match! Uncle Heert, the PR guy and one of the big guys who works with the team, had 7 tickets into the VIP box for the Klub Football Brugges match! Loaded up the fun bus, and headed at warp speed to the pitch. Check out the lingo I'm learning... Thats cool. Got into our box, where we figured we not only the only English speakers, the only sober people, but also the only people around with salaries less than 1 million Euro's a year. Wicked game, we (Brugges) won 3-2 on a penalty kick goal in the second half. Many seriously drunk Belgians partied like they had just won the World Cup. We sipped water with our dozens of free drink tickets. Cause we're top sporter and potentially racing a very important UCI race soon. Today should be a recon ride for the UCI race and a run to the fruit stand. Good stuff to come. Time to get competitive again. But for now, here's some pics...

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