Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Summer returns with another pre-race day

Belgian weather was back with a vengeance yesterday. Rain, wind and cold. Headed out for my ride, in 15 degrees and pissing rain. Made the mental call to keep going and continue with my planned 4 hours. Hit up the 110km white H loop, complete with cobbled sections and climbs. Felt good to get going and put in a few hard efforts. The hardest part of a day like that is just to get rolling. Once you're wet, you way as well keep going. Slowing down just makes you colder and you really appreciate that hot shower after a couple of hours. Either way, came back tired but happy at the end of the ride. Stupid Power Tap cut out again, as usual I guess in the rain. Stupid thing really bugs me sometimes.
Luckily, the sun and warmth has made its return. Had a nice morning ride, tried to find tomorrow evenings Kermis course. Thought I had it for a while but then ended up in some random field down the canal. So decided to simply explore and try to find a new route home. Also in exciting news: Sandy has a new favourite lunch - spinach omelet with cheese and hot sauce. Wicked. Tasty, nutricious and quick to make... Sorry, thats the problem with rest days, plenty of time spare time. Looking forward to racing again though, time to suffer a little more and a little harder. Apparently it is a very open and windy course, not many corners. Most likely a sprint finish with a group as the straight aways are long and open. It is a course for power and working the 12t of the cassette. Time for some relaxing with South Park and then some dinner...

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Louis-Philippe Leclerc said...

dude, what's a fuckin kermis ?!?
man, you don't know how much I would like to race in Belgium... lucky bastard.

fof (friend of facebook)