Friday, August 10, 2007

Rest and Rain

Rainy yesterday, in fact rained steadily all day. Almost felt bad for the boys racing Tour of Antwerpen, double stage day. But then again, made it a lot easier for me to take my prescribed rest day. That and I am still a little stuffed up. Seems to be running through the house, quite a few of us are sneezing. Nothing serious, but that is one problem with living with this many people. Sickness spreads. Spent the day relaxing on the net, watching movies and going through season 4 of Seinfeld. Wishing I was riding, but at the same time happy to not be outside in the cold rain. My outing for the day consisted of an outing to the pharmacy and the corner store. Feeling quite a bit better today, so will get out for my prescribed ride in a bit. Still overcast, and threatening to rain. But hey, its Belgium. Think a long, easy ride is in order today. I feel like just cruising and getting some miles in the legs. The weather will apparently get nice again for the weekend (if you can believe the weather networks?) which will be nice for race day Sunday if it holds. For now, its time to hit the narrow roads of Belgium...

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