Thursday, August 23, 2007

One more race

Thats what remains for me. One more Kermis tomorrow. Get a nice ride in today, 4:30 race tomorrow. Should be good. Time to go out with another good race. For now, the house is quite empty. Two of us North American's left here. Last couple days have been busy, loosing 2 guys a day. Weird having so much emptiness in a house this size you used to share with so many. On the plus side, I am bursting with food right now. Had steak last night. I didn't buy steak. Salmon tonight, perhaps with some of the 18kg of frozen veggies that apparently everyone bought, but never even opened. Odd to know that my stay here is coming to a close. I have learned so much in my time, and as Bernard pointed out, I will probably need most of the winter to digest much of it and figure it all out. Perhaps I'll learn a few more tricks tomorrow, or perhaps at the ENECO Tour. Going to go watch some of the Pro-Tour ENECO Tour of Belgium should be cool. Not every day you are in the country where a Pro-Tour race paces within a 1 hour ride of your house on several occasions. Going to go watch the start one day and the finish another day with Ann and Bernard. For now, working on a few movies, and time for a ride.

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