Monday, August 20, 2007

The return of rain

So weather shows a steady downward spiral for weather here in the next few days. Summer is done in Belgium. Some pretty serious rain on the way for tomorrow's race too. House getting a little empty lately, and my food cupboard is starting to get ridiculously full again. My excitement is high, and I'm raring to race. I need/want a really good race to leave on. Don't care about finishing position in the end, just want to get myself to the front and ideally off the front. Suffer like I have never suffered before. If I DNF, I want to know that there was nothing else I could have done. I only have 1 week left on this season's European oddessy. Its time to put everything I have learned together, give me some winter training motivation. In other news, bigs ups to the Keir/Jamie train in Elliot Lake. Always pumps me up a bit in the morning to listen to Nate's ritual belittling of Santiago and to go check on the weekends results from some races back home. Hope the boys did well in Montreal-Quebec too. Considering riding the rollers today, but will talk to Bernard first to get the final word on tomorrow's UCI. Cold and rainy here, don't want to get sick like much of the rest of the house at this point of the season. For now, time to relax a bit with a movie on this rainy Belgian morning, perhaps another coffee....

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