Thursday, August 23, 2007

The final countdown

Its on. One more race remains in Belgium. Kermis tomorrow, then a couple of days watching the Tour of Belgium and riding. Monday morning back home. How time has flown. Its been so long, yet so not long enough at the same time. Nice day today. Not really gorgeous weather, but Belgian. Not quite rain, but sprinkled and generally threatened all day. Nice 2 hours in along the canals. Bunch of sprints to get the legs going. Oh, and I got a haircut. The people (you folks) have spoken. Call me mullet man. Was almost difficult to get though. The hair cutting lady next door doesn't really speak much english. Tried to describe it first as "shorter on top and sides, but longer in back". Yes, yes came the reply. But I wasn't convinced, so grabbed a Belgian news mag from a stand and pointed at a picture of Tom Boonen on the front. Ah, now she understood. And laughed. Got it done though. I feel more Euro already. Plus I feel fast. We'll test that theory tomorrow at the race. I will make the break tomorrow. Last race. Now or never.
Spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing with Bernard and Santi. Discussed plans for the Center for next season, and cycling in general. Things are good in life right now. I have my offer to return next season. Ideally as Bernard put it, for a little longer - and earlier in the season. And to be honest, I'd love to. We'll have to see about how feasible it will be, but I have expressed my interest. First, I have to get home first. Get back out to a NRC crit - the "real world" I came from. It will be a little weird adjusting to normal society again, yet alone North American society. Many things that are funny to 20 young cyclists packed into a house for too long may not be funny to the rest of you. Or so I'm told; I'm still laughing over some of the conversations and games. All I'll say is I'm bringing a jock next time. Maybe I'll watch some more Seinfeld to re-teach myself the rules of normal society. I will consider putting up a picture of the new haircut, but to be honest I am debating shrouding it in a cloud of mullet secrecy. Much better surprise that way. Not sure yet, things to ponder. For now, it is somehow 9pm already. I'm partying it up here, enjoying a nice fresh glass of lemon water having just stuffed my laundry in the machine. Perhaps if I really feel crazy, I might even... I don't know anymore. But don't worry, we'll make up for it when I get back with a rockin party. Ciao

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Zach Winn said...

your going have to put a photo up of the mullet. I was thinking of getting one like boonen.