Sunday, August 26, 2007

last day

Here it is. My last day. Time does fly. This is important for several reasons:
a) I have to go back to real life, ie. school, work, not napping when I feel the need (maybe...)
b) School. Weird to think about that again.
c) People will be addressing me in English again.
d) I have to pack several times in the next few days. I hate packing.
There it is. Hope you all enjoyed reading these posts. Not to worry, they will continue. Maybe with slightly less consistency (ie. not every day). I have had a ridiculously good time these last few months and have learned more than I probably even know at this point in time. It is for sure not the last Europe and Belgium, more specifically, have seen of this Canuck. Got my last Belgian ride for the season in this morning. Just cruised for 2 hours. No particular route, no training goal, just to cruise some of my favourite local training roads and of course to ride some cobbles. I had to. Got home, gave the ol' Stevens Vuelta (thanks Peter) a nice cleaning and packed her up in the nice blue bag from the Cyclery (thanks Vince). Now I fully need to thank many people for helping to get me over here, and many more should be thanked but I will undoubtedly forget a few. Vince and the Cyclery crew for employing me and then allowing me to skip work for almost 3 months. Peter, John and the rest of the Wheelers for helping to show me the ropes of bicycle racing, and of course Peter specifically for the bike. My parents for supporting me in this crazy current career choice and my general reluctance in life to follow the beaten path. Ross and the rest of the group on the Seenite bursary board, the bursary has helped to fund this entire trip. And of course the Ottawa cycling crowd in general. Both with your donations to such things as the bursary to your general support of young cyclists here is unsurpassed. Every one has some advice, some words of wisdom, or at very least a story to share. Now perhaps I'll be able to pass some wisdom along. This is not the last of my adventures, it has only momentarily quenched the thirst. My first words of advice, go out and take a chance. Try something over your head, and don't look back.
For now, I need to crack a cold one to help with this packing and cleaning. Sorry if I went a little deep for a blog, not sure on internet protocol for that. People deserve thanks, and I'll be sure to do some of that in person when I get home. I have heard through the grapevine that it is a loop ride on Tuesday, and I will try to be there. Legs or no legs.

"It never gets easier, you just go faster." - Greg Lemond

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