Saturday, August 25, 2007

2 days

Basically my dream bike. Merckx frame, full campag, with Deda accessories.

On of the old strong men of cycling. Micheal Boogaard. Retiring this season.

David Millar's spare Scott Addict.

Nice day today, stayed up a little late with Santiago last watching Superbad, enjoying a few pizzas, and generally hanging out. Needless to say, I stayed in bed a little late this morning. After a good breakfast, we hit the road up to Knokke-Heist for the start of the Eneco Tour. Spent most of the morning there, hanging out with the pro teams and the riders. Parading through the parked cars and buses, checking out the sweet bikes and greeting the riders as they headed off to the sign-in. Pretty cool though, to be able to touch the bikes, talk to the riders and generally explore. What other sport can you get this close to the athletes? That is one of the reasons this sport is so loved here in Europe, you can go right up to your favourite star, tap him on the shoulder and then pose with them for a photo and a signature. Kids run all over the place with little books to collect signatures and trading cards. Old men debate bikes and who will win, and most likely why non of them could beat Eddy Merckx! Pretty cool experience for sure. Got some close looks at some pretty wicked bikes, talked some tech, wished luck to a select group of riders... And found out that I couldn't say hello to the only Canadian of the Pro-Tour (Micheal Barry) as he was not racing. Also tried to find Kiwi Julian Dean, thought it would hilarious to bring kiwi Mike a picture of Julian wearing my Kiwi Mike's hat. Again, no luck though. Sorry Kiwi. After a quick lunch, set out for a nice 2 hour spin in the sun. Get the legs moving and take advantage of the few riding days I have left here in Belgium for this year. Followed it up with a wicked dinner (seriously one of my best) of Mediterranean rice with fresh veggies, steamed broccoli and salmon with fresh dill and lemon. Wow. Best part, the whole deal must have cost me about 2 Euro total. For now, movie time. Tomorrow should bring a nice morning ride, and then a wonderful afternoon of packing and cleaning. Wait, thats not wonderful. I hate packing. Well, time to procrastinate packing, see most of you pretty soon.

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