Tuesday, September 25, 2007


I love food. Plus found a wicked organic/fresh shop today with really good prices. Anything organic, healthy, local, whatever... they got it. Plus they charge you for plastic bags. I'm a huge fan of this, and it seems to be taking off in Perth (the others just take 10 cents off you bill for each bag you bring) and I think it's a great idea. Its quite the rage in Belgium, I even brought back my Del Haize bags I bought there to use here. Thought I'd be ahead of the curve (as usual haha), but instead here I merely stand out with my cooler foreign bags. Looking at getting into some Yoga for the fall too, seems to be a decent place here in Perth, so maybe I'll give it a go soon. First class is free! On a separate note, read the other day that the Canadian National team's bikes where stolen outside their hotel in Germany! This disgusts me. They cut the weather stripping around one of the van's windows and walked off with something like 9 bikes plus spare wheels. Not like they can get their families or teams back home to FedEx some new bikes in time for one of the biggest races of the year in a few days! Luckily, the Gerolstiner professional team stepped in within hours and gave our boys all the bikes and spare wheels they could need. Plus spare parts and tyres. This truly shows the character of cycling. I even bought myself some Gerolstiner Mineral water today as my own form of re-payment. Plus I love the water anyways. Planted myself some coriander today, bought a big fresh bunch from the organic shop, wayyy more than needed, but all the bits still have full root structures, so grabbed an old yogurt container and tried potting them. We'll see how it goes. The rest will be flavouring some Indian Curry chicken. More to report on that later. As well, 2 thumbs up for the Kicking Horse Grizzly Claw Dark roast. Made a big ol' french press of it yesterday, wicked. Also kudos to the GSI bodem from MEC: lexan instead of glass (unbreakable) and well priced at under $20. For now, back to my spinach omelette with Frank's and wasting an hour until glass.

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rs said...

Aw, you found Foodsmith's! They're awesome. Perth = centre of the hippie universe. They all moved to Brooke Valley when the 60s ended.