Sunday, September 23, 2007


Decent enough weekend all in all. Lame Friday night, just hung out at home, fell asleep on the couch instead of heading out. Got up early to ride Saturday, only to discover that I really wanted to sleep in for the first time in a while and that it was looking pretty dreary out, and threatening to rain. Back to sleep and then into work. Quality day at the shop hanging with Vince and Jenny, quality times all around. Borrowed a set of tubular Campagnolo Shamals from David Bell of Euro Pro Sports for my ride Sunday and then hit the paths and parks for a quality chill ride with Nicky and Keir. Got home, showered and chilled around with Keir before heading out for a little bit of party action. Unfortunately, the parties where lame and the bars were packed, so called it a night. Wicked day Sunday, so met up with Steve, Jenny and Keir at the shop/coffee shop for a nice loop. I planned on doing more, but was a little tired from my lack of sleep. Plus the fact that we spent 6 hours with our bikes, doing one loop didn't help me time wise. One of those wonderfully slow and dawdling fall "training" rides where we all consumed more espressos that time spent on the bike in hours. Two hours and change ride time, if you were wondering. Stopped at Les Saisons in Chelsea, then stopped to lie in the grass on the way out, got caught in some conversations.... generally just enjoyed the ride and avoided becoming to angry with the wankers out "viewing" the fall foliage. I put my new technique of being painfully, sarcastically polite with the drivers, waving and yelling back when ever some one honked at us. I enjoy that, and it keeps me from stressing, and therefore happy. Had my first schwarma in months today too, as delicious as I remember. Plus got to hang out with my old friend Liz. So that capped off my day and weekend. Oh, plus got to drive back to Perth. No class until 12 tomorrow, so I foresee a nice easy spin, a test of my new bodem and new Grizzly Claw Kicking Horse coffee, and perhaps a visit with the local coffee shop for some super secret business meetings. Mabe some groceries after class too, I need some fruit and veggies. I got a hankerin' for an apple, but woe is me as I have none in the house. Enjoy your week, I'll see you Ottawa folk for the cross race this weekend. If you're not racing and looking for a good time, come watch a wicked 1 hour bike race! There should be several cheering sections complete with cowbells and Lion of Flanders flags! If you are truly adventurous and want the full Euro experience, you could bring beer and frites too! Britannia Park Ottawa, Sunday at 9 or 10 am. Contact Sandy for more info.

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