Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Home for the night/day. Drove home after class, and yes I still hate the driving. Finally began slash almost finished unpacking. Got my clothes out at least. Still a little messy though. My legs are also getting the itch to ride again, time to start training again I guess. Though I know I should keep taking it easy. Finished re-assembling my cross bike tonight in preparation for my first cross ride of the season tomorrow morning with Keir and Nick. Should be sweet, nice and chill along the paths with some technique stuff. Keep it easy and fun. No Power Tap, no heart rate, no worries. Ride for riding's sake. No class tomorrow, so heading into work. Gotta make some grocery money. Perhaps even some beer money. Either way, feeling a little odd from being in a confined space with copious amounts of tubular tyre glue for the last few hours. Time for a snack and a movie... Maybe some homemade food not made by me!

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