Sunday, September 16, 2007

quality weekend action

Busy weekend somehow. Spent Friday night out on the town with Keir and Derek. Hull is always interesting. Nuff said. Saturday was a sleep in day (kinda explained by the previous sentences) and then off to work at the shop. Good quality fun there as usual. Home, dinner, then off to Pook's for some bevies and board games. I swear it really is much more fun than it sounds. Though somehow I cheated like a maniac in the second game, and still managed to not win. But to be fair, before passing judgment on my board game ways, most of the table (the guys) were all doing so as well and its genetic. Watch my mother's family play a game sometime. That bank is empty before anyone rolls the dice. Up a little later than planned considering my 7:30am departure time for the Tour des Ponts. Had to ride from downtown Ottawa with Keir out to Carp/ The Cheshire Cat for the departure. Ended up being a wicked day in the saddle. Sunny, warm-ish, and great company. The old Wheeler boys are a serious riot. Plus met some others and shot the shit with some more still. 170km ride followed by some wicked pub fare (fish and chips in my case) compliments of the Cheshire Cat. Then the nice slow ride home again. Ended up coming to 231km with a ride time of 7.5 hours. Wow. Plus I won a homemade apple crumble pie (Johnny L.) which was promptly devoured. Can't carry it home in my jersey pocket!! All in all, a wicked way to start the fall training. Beautiful scenery to boot. For now, I'm wicked tired. With that in mind. Bed.

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