Thursday, September 27, 2007

Almost weekend. Common weekend!

School. The stuff around here is fun, but its still school. Nothing beats riding. At least to me, and I'm sure many of my readers would happen to agree. The itch was so severe that I took off after class for 2 hours of riding in the rain. Ended up on a few backroads... maybe got a little muddy. But hey, at least I was riding. Nothing wrong with a little rain. I've actually missed it a bit after getting back from Belgium. Working on some homework now, but have a good meal of steak and couscous in my belly. Even have the 1 hour season premiere of The Office to keep me entertained. Wicked. One more day of school before back to Ottawa. First cross race this season on Sunday as well. Sunday morning should bring a nice pre-ride of the course and some work action. Sunday will be race day, quickly followed by a nice long ride. Should be a good training day. Perhaps some homework, cause I seem to have quite a bit. Woops. For now, I think its snack time. Cause thats how I roll.

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