Thursday, September 20, 2007

I love bike.

I should also mention I have many leather bound books, which cause my room to smell of rich mohhhgaaaany. On a separate non Anchorman related note, riding is truly the best thing out there. My construction safety class was cut short today when we all mastered attaching ourselves to a harness. Wicked. Plus, flippin 26 degrees out or something, so I rushed home changed and hit the road. Found myself a sweet little loop, mostly quiet roads, all either immaculately paved or completely unpaved (I'm fine with both as I'm now running the trusty Conti Gatorskin 25s). And was feeling so good about the weather that I continued on off my new loop and went exploring. Got home just as it was getting dark after a smokin 3 hours. The roads around here are wicked, twisting all over, constantly rolling, and pretty easy to find low traffic roads. And, most of the drivers seem so surprised to see me flaunting around in spandex that they leave me plenty of room. Not bad for a Thursday afternoon nearing October. Seriously, check your calendars. September is almost gone, and I'm not sure why this surprises me ever 30 or so days. Back into Ottawa tomorrow, hopefully another solid weekend of training and socializing. I'm feeling the Macgregor Lake loop (with a little extra distance?) or something similar... any takers for a long day on Sunday? Easy pace, the mandatory bakery stop/cafe... Nice day really. Got a few groceries today to, and I'm certain that food is for sure more expensive here than Belgium. At very least the meat is. Damn, I'm not paying that much for chicken! Luckily, being the shrewed individual I am, I found the "reduced" meat section, loosley translated into: "expires tomorrow, so eat at your own risk. But hey! It's half price!" I love that section. So bought a bunch of chicken drumsticks, cooked em' up with a boat load of spices, seared some fresh veggies and added some rice and BAM. We got dinner for 2 nights a la Sandy. To make things better, thanks to Keir, I am currently downloading more cross races than I can handle. As a giving individual, I will share this with you. But don't forget to thank Keir for the link.
For now, its time for a cold beer to celebrate my day (I'm celebrating nothing ok?) and some wicked dinner. Ciao

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