Monday, September 17, 2007


Some tired legs here today, but no class until 12 which was wicked. Part way through, we learned that math for the day was canceled. I fully nearly broke out into dance. Man I hate math. So instead, I made my way home for some lunch, a little work, and maybe a ride. I Felt like it would probably be a good rest day considering yesterday's epic.... but really had that itch. But somehow instead started writing my paper for Architectural History and before I knew it, it was dinner. How time flew! At least I'm nearly done. Just have to proof it, and then.... on to drafting. Ouch. This homework thing may just kill me. On the other hand, life could be worse. But looks like I'm again back to Ottawa for Wednesday as I have another appointment with the doc, see what can be done with this asthma stuff. Really bugging me since I got back. Maybe a new puffer or something? Who knows, but I really want to just take care of it and be done with it. On the other hand, if Nick or Keir are reading - cross ride Wednesday? I'll be out in the morning! For tomorrow, more school, but at least I've nearly got my bigger assignments out of the way for the week... Basically just in the shop hittin' stuff with hammers on Thursday and Friday! For now, back to work! Cause apparently thats how Sandy rolls now.

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Keir said...

keir=down for cross ride