Friday, September 14, 2007

class vs. riding

No those of you who know me will assume from the title that I "missed" class today to ride. Wrong. I debated it for a long time during my "English as a 12th language" class this morning. Sunny, nice, and here I am learning to use quotations. Odd, wanting to be a cyclist, but instead sitting around in steel toed boots learning conversational English. Went through my credit card statement the other night and bank balances... all I know is payday better come soon. So, with that in mind, keep your ears and eyes peeled (mostly to this site, unless you are driving cause that could end badly) for Sandy's make money and provide people with something scheme. The wheels are in motion. Hopefully should figure out the rest this weekend. The fun part is done (aka using Paint to make a logo). Now actual work.
Heading into town this weekend, out with some friends to re-develop that missing social life, work and cross ride on Saturday (perhaps a visit and "shoot the shit" with John L.), and then the 170km Tour des Ponts on Sunday. Life is mostly ok. Other than the sitting in class part. I really believe I am not made for school life, some like it, a few love it, and then I don't. Just makes me want to work at this cycling thing that much more. Also have to work out my details for next season, cause according to the way my bank balance is looking, I will need some help. Donations welcome! Think of it like when some one is getting paid to sing, but they are no good, so you pay them to stop. A donation now can keep you Sandy free for the summer! For the time being, anyone interested in a Saturday morning cross ride? Chill on the paths and parks... I have also decided to start a small edible garden in my room to make use of my large window and window sill. So far I have a donated Basil plant growing for pesto. I would like to keep most of the plants edible, so welcome some suggestions... On a separate note, Seinfeld is hilarious.
Oh, I had fish and chips for dinner last night sautaed with Frank's Red Hot sauce. Steve.

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