Monday, September 10, 2007

Plans, disorganization and realizations

First, I still hate math. But at least the math we do is actually used. Same stuff most of us learned long ago, and many in the class actually make me feel slightly better about my math deficiencies. All I know, I better remember my calculator next time. On the other side, the lazy Sandy that has mostly lay dormant through cycling season (yes, I realize this is not entirely true) has resurfaced with this the end of my season. Even with my best attempts to stop surfing the net and watching Seinfeld, my room is still a disorganized mess. I have some space for my work area set out, and have even made some attempts at homework and studying eske activities. But, my room still looks like a hurricane rolled through. And then dropped some large livestock who further messed stuff up in their attempts to leave. Going for the first cross ride of the season Wednesday morning, I'm really looking forward to this! Hopefully make it home Tuesday night to install my single ring crank, and glue up some tubulars. Did my first grocery run today, handed over my plastic realizing that I had better get working and get paid! Pretty sure I'm into the red, little afraid to look though... Held off on many items and just got basics (while still healthy) to last me a while. Made a huge batch of pasta and fresh sauce tonight to last me a few meals. Wicked good too, added a healthy dose of Frank's Red Hot sauce for a little extra kick. And of course some new espresso beans to get me going for those 8am classes. I think I like what I'm learning, but not the actually attending a class thing. Weird, I know. I'll close up with a few pics of the weekend's adventures... Also know as the last Echelon Project road trip for the season. Sad, I know...

At the start line. Felt ok then. How things change...

After the finish. Coughing up lungs and discussing beverage plans.

Let the drinking begin, or continue. Cutie pie Kelly with the nice tan lines haha. At least
I brought my A game with the pink socks.

Steve with his creation! He wasn't drunk. And by not drunk I actually mean really drunk.

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