Friday, September 7, 2007

Busy life

So I truly hate commuting. But almost everything has been moved, just a few more bikes. I think. Drove in to Ottawa again last night after class to do a final tt tune up at the OBC 15km tt. Nice new pavement was a welcome surprise, I feel it probably helped smooth things out more for some of the heavier riders. haha. Went well. The bike worked flawlessly, my position feels comfortable, and I think I'm ready to rock. Held what I felt should be about my 40km pace for the 15km, coming in pretty fresh in a time of 21:52. A personal best non the less. Definitely could have gone faster, but gotta keep the legs fresh for tomorrow. Kept a high cadence throughout, worked on keeping my breathing steady and keep a smooth pedal stroke. Kept my mind focused and in the game for the duration. My head seems to be in the right place at least. Basically worked and my weaknesses and did some extra practice drinking in the aero bars and eating. All that's left now it to empty the old body one more time for the season. But first, some food, and the drive back into Kanata to pick up my partner in crime: Shawn. I can't count the number or races we have traveled to together, and he will be moving to Australia soon, so I look forward to one last shenanigan filled road trip with him to end the season. Pictures to come. I will try to post results quickly, but am undecided as to whether to bring the computer. See you all next week when I try to re-develop a non-cycling social life. I may even be up for beers...

ps - if any members of the Orange family are reading this, thanks for the moving car to bike light hand off last night. I was for sure a little sketched out being caught riding home after dark.

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